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Dear Martha: Index

Letters Indexed by Author Signature and Date.

Sarah Ann McCurdy
March 10, 1869

Sarah A McCurdy
May 30, 1869

Mary Ann McCauley
September 17, 1869

Sarah Ann McCurdy
October 4, 1869

unsigned (Sarah A McCurdy)
December 15, 1869

Mary Ann McCauley
August 8, 1870

John McCauley
October 30, 1870

Mary A. McCauley
November 4, 1870

John McCauley
December 11, 1870

Mary A. McCauley
December 18, 1870

Mary A. McCauley
March 16, 1871

Mary A. McCauley
April 6, 1871

Mary Ann McCauley
July 23, 1871

Mary McCauley
September 5, 1871

The editor holds a collection of one hundred letters written to Martha McCauley Thomas and John Japheth Ebenezar Thomas of Ontario, in the years from 1867 to 1882. Here presents the first fourteen.

Writers are (were), for the most part, Martha's sisters and brothers, though husband-to-be John J.E. Thomas also writes a good number of love letters from 1872 and 1873. TBA.

All Letters have been edited and reformated into verse form to assist in their reading. As such they are edited material and are Copyright. All rights are reserved.

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