Photo of great grandmother Sarah courtesy of newly encountered distant cousin Donald Harwood Caudill who was kind enough to send it to us...  Hey, Sandy: notice his middle name... and the family resemblance between Payne grandchildren and Sarah (Charles' mother)!
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The genealogy pages of Daniel Charles Thomas include:

  • The Whole FamDamily Tree, starting with my grandparents, to greatgrands, greatgreats, etc, with names and dates where known. Very much a work in progress.
         You are invited to write me here at and submit your connections and/or data and/or stories.
         This page i.e. these pages are dedicated to my cousin Sandra Smith who has uncovered many curious connections in our family history, especially "along the lines" descending toward grandmother Margaret A. Holsinger (Payne) 1889-1984. Hi Sandy & Bob & Nikki & boys!

  • Genealogos Dancharthos Maximus, inventing a personal genealogy -- how on earth did "I" get here ?

  • Familia Imediata, a brief description of my immediate family. Most information deleted to preserve privacy and identity. But you know who you are and how you connect.

  • Dear Martha: a sampling from a collection of letters written to my great grandmother Martha McCauley Thomas, 1867-1882, Ontario, Canada.

Original documents transcribed & commented:

  • Being Constructed: Family Stories : put flesh on 'dem bonez!
  • Indians
  • Unknown future inlaws both in the same place at the same time.

  • Dancharthos : Genealogos

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