Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 5 September 1871.
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Aran Sep th 5 1871

Dear Sistr

it is with pleasure that i take up my pen
to rite to you to let you know that i am wel
thanking god for all his mercies to us poor Sinful creatures
i thank him for the conversion of my brothers
my prayer is that they may be keept faithful
and that we may all be faithful

you will excuse me for not riting
i was very bisy ever since

i hope that mother is betr

the folks is all wel up hear at present

i was up to see cusin magy last sunday
me and cussin Jony and magy
litle cusin Jony is up thare now at willascrafts

cusin magy is going to move down to uncle Johns place in three weeks

the folks is going all away to red river down in holland
i an going down to sees them if i can
i will be done spinning mex next week if all is well

our minstr is going to start a protracted meeting in the scool house on the 7
in think thare will be a great deal of god done

cusin Jony lost one of his horses the other day
it took sick and died

thare is a wake over near tomases to night

mrs mcann is dead
mrs orrs dautr out in holland
mrs Andrew is geting very bad health now
thare has a great many died around hear this sumer

william John coltr was down to dicumsy and
he saw our Jony at old mr mcurdies
he is hired down thare some place for 25 $ a month

our pickinc did not come of yet

we have good times up hear
we have meting every sunday morning and
prayer meting in the evning and on
munday might and thursday nights

i saw j Jony and caty tomas last night at meting
i hope yous have good metings

i hope dicky is geting betr
no more at present but remains
your affectinate Sistr mary mcauley

rite soom

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Envelope Information


Paid 3



TARA    SP 7 71    C.W


OWEN SOUND    SP 8 71    ONT.



Mss Martha Mccauley
Owen sound p o


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