Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 24 July 1871.
Edited Line Breaks.

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July the 23 1871

Dear Sistr it is with pleasure
i take up my pen to rite to you
to let you know that i am wel
thanking god for all his goodness to me

i hope that are walking in the straght path
that leads to joys above

our comunion is to morrow up ato arkrte
we are going up

i was up last sunday they are all wel
Jony would like to see you up hear
we want you to come up some time

thare is going to be a picknic up hear soon
you mite come up to it

i have one hundred and eight sekines spun
i have a lot more to spin yet

we had a big day on the twelf of July
up at arkrite
thare was 8 lodges up thare
the band was thar
Sarahann and me was drest in white with scarlet Jackets

Jony tomas was sick aftr
he came home from town that time
but he is betr now

him and caty was out to sulivan Sunday week

we have no rain up hear at all
but the fall wheat is splended

Sams has thare hay done
and is cuting the fall wheat

i saw magy willastorft at the picknic

i had a letr from cusin mat

i hear that cusin bella is marid

i am in a hury
they are going to invermay

give my love to mother and
all the rest when you see them

give my love to casy and mrs cambl
and any

rite som so i will tell you when the pickic is

my love to mrs parker and the litle girls

and tell me how dicky is and
if he got any more bugy rides since

no more from
your Affectinate sistr
mary Ann

rite soon and tell me all the news

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Envelope Information


Canada Postage      3 Cents 3



ARKWRIGHT   JY 24 71    C.W


OWEN SOUND    JY 24 71    ONT.



Miss Martha McAuley
Owen Sound P.O Ont


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