Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 6 April 1871.
Edited Line Breaks.

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April th 6 71

Dear Sister

it is with great pleasure
that i take up my pen to rite to you
to let you know that i am well

thank god for all his mersis
to us poor mortals

that we are not worthy
of the least of his notis

but he gave his
only sun for us
that we mite live

i was glad to hear from you
i liked your letr very much
we were Just going to prayer meting
when i got it
you dont know how much good it done me

Dear sistr
i hope we are travling to heavn

may god give us grac

to keep us on the narow road
for chriss sake

i am living at mr kilburns in invermay now

i am only going to stay for a a month

they came aftr me three or fore times

i am going to spin at Sams mcoded[??]
this sumar

this is a splended place
i wish you would come out to it this sumer
they all want you to come out so much
i would like you would come hear this sumer
thare is hardly any hard work to do
three children and a mastr

one cow

not much cooking to do
sink in the kitchen
plenty of saft water near hand
and fore dallars a month for all sume
She wants you to come in may
do try and come p they are all wel out hear at present
only mr kindl is near dead
and tilly close with the consumsion
and mrs william michals died this morning

with the same

She died hapy in Juses

cusin mat was up to see us
i was aufl glad to see him
he wants me to go down next week
but i dont think i can go down yet a while

i got a ride out from sams on tusday with your boy
he said he saw you in town
he would like you would come out
cusin Jony would like to see you to
and all of them

i was at mrs Andrew last night
She is wel

i saw robert loury last muny
he is gone to godrig to work thare

dont forget the liknses in your next letr

give my love to them all when you see them at home

rite soon and let me know if you will come hear to live

now more at presemt but remains your loving sistr
mary A macauly
may god bles you

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Envelope Information


Canada Postage:   1 One Cent 1   1 One Cent 1   1 One Cent 1



[no postmarks visible on front except blue-lined cancellation of the three one-cent stamps]


OWEN SOUND    AP 7 71    ONT.



Martha McCauley
Owen Sound Pay [or an extremely illegible "Ont"?]


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