Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 16 March 1871.
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March th 16 18

Dear Sister

it is with great pleasure that i take up my pen
to rite these few lines to you
to let you know that
i am wel
thanking god for all his kind mercies towards me

Dear sister i am a betr girl i hope than when i rote last
and intends to be for the futre
may god give me
grace to go on
i feel that i would not turn back again
for all the wourld

Dead sistr i know that you prayed for me and
your prayers has been aserd
pray on with me for our Dear parents
and broters and sistrs

we had a procted meeting up at arkgt
thare was over thirty penetents
robert lowry is one of them and cusin Jonny
they have joind the meeting
so have i to
it is the new connexion meting
we have a splended prayr meting
on munday nigts and thurs nights
at the schoolhouse at sams

sarah ann has been laid up for sevin weeks
with the arisipes on her arm
she had Just wel and the first day she worked
She fell with a pot of boiling watr and
scalded herself on the arm that was sore
and that brought it all out again
it was on her face to
she was in town to the doctr
she was going to see you
only it was to stormy
she was not to meting for six weeks
nor hardly out side of the dore
her mother was down to Dicumsie
and came home with her rist noked
at of joint
she is geting betr sloly

sarah ann is nearly betr now

i have been hear ever since i lef andrews
i was at ants two week
i was at Davids once this wintr
onc at tomases
once at henrys

we were up to a teameeting at arkrght last nigth
Jimy colman and Daniel Saran and me
the roads was all mud
the hall was cowded
we had a good time of it
they mad eighty two dollars for the minstr

we are going over to colmans to morow
to spend the aftrnoon

we were looking for you this long time
to come out

i wont get down now this wintr
i intend staying up hear all sumer
if all gose wel

we rote to Jonny a long time ago
and he did not anser yet
would like to hear from him

i did not get your letr for long time aftr you rote it
i hope you will forgive me for not riting sooner

mrs Joe tomas was up hear
she came to see me

they think long to see you up hear

give my love to mother when you see her
and all the rest of them
and to casy and magy

i long to see yous all again

tell me whar cuss mat is if you know

rite soon as possible
and tell me all the news

they all send there love to you

Dear sistr rite soon as you can
i hope this will find you well

nore at present but
remains your ever affectinate
mary A macauly

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Envelope Information


Canada Postage:   3 One Cents 3    "Paid" written in right corner, stamp placed at left



INVERMAY   MR 18 71   C.W


OWEN SOUND    MR 18 71    ONT.



Miss Martha McCauley
Owen Sound   P O   ont


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