Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 18 December 1870.
Edited Line Breaks.

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Dese the 18 70

Dear Sister

i received your letr some time ago
and i was very glad to hear from you

you were a long time riting to me
i will giv it to you when i see you

i am wel
hoping you the same and
all of them at home

i had a letr from miss black and
one from bella green since
i got yours

they are all well up hear at pesent

i was not out to mcurdy
since the cuting of the fall wheat
they are all mad at me for not going out
i see them aften in the shop

i saw lega finton and her mother to day
mrs finton was asking for mother and father
she is failing fast

she looks very bad

i hope that mother is keeping in good health
and margret Jane
i was dreaming that she was dead

ever so may times

i hear that cusin mat is home again

you said you were going to school this wintr
i like all the places you mentioned very much
i do not know whne i would go to
you will have to decide your self which one

i am invited to spend my chrismas at aunts
up at arkrite and
i think i will go
and we are all going to have
a Sleight ride the friday before new year

the Sunday Schoolscollars
and day School are all going for
a ride up to pasly about 17 miles
and then we are going to have a sosial
in church at night

we have nice Sleighting up hear now
i wish you would come up before you start school
they all want you to come up this wintr

i saw John tomas the other sunday at prayer meting
all the tomases has been converted
Jony tomas always asts for you

i hope you are all setled in your new house

i dont think i will be down till febuary
so i wish you would come up before i go down

i hope wou will rite sooner this time
than you did the last time

i have no more to tell you on paper

now give my love to mother
and all the rest of them
and casy and magy
tell them to send me thare pictures in your next letr
i want them very much

no more at prest
your ever affectinate sitr

Mary A Mccauley


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Envelope Information


Stamp gone.



INVERMAY   DE 17 70   C.W


OWEN SOUND    DE 17 7    ONT.



Miss Martha McAuley
Owen Sound   Ontario


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