Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of John McCauley, 11 December 1870.
Edited Line Breaks.

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December the 11 1870

Dear sister it is with pleasure that I take up my pen
to let you know that I am well
hoping that these few lines
will find you in the same

I received your letter about 3 weeks ago
and glad to hear that yo are well

Matthew and william cook and Richard green
they all came down to where I was working
mat and bill stayed one month and went back home again

richard is here yet
he is not with the same man that I am with
but he is working about a half mile from me

he is at the shanty now he is reading
a litter I got from John gibson last night

the girls are up home
and there is only
a few of us here
they are all getting ready go away

there is to girls cooks in the shanty
we have good times
thereis a singingschool school near here
and they nearly all go
sometimes I got to

there is to fiddlers in the shanty
and we have a dance sometimes
sometimes we do sing at night
and in general we have a good time

last night we were done with our days work at
at half past 3

I am sawing logs I like it well

I was down at Barrie twice on the Cars
we were all down the day we they went home
mat and bill

Barrie is a nice place
far nicer than owensound

I wrote Matthew a letter last monday

I was up to uncle William Setamars last sunday
I only stoped about 3 hours
uncle tomas and aunt was down there
they were all glad to see me
they want me to go and stay a week
with them this winter and
when I have a slack time go

uncle william has a lot of bees

I wish you would send me down the advertiser
one cent will bring it down
I can hear nothing from owensound
tie a string around the paper and put a stamp on it
and put my name on and the post office and
it will come the same as a letter

tell mary ann to rite me aletter
I wrote her the last letter

I feel lonesome on sunday because
I cant havethe walks i used to have

tell maggie that I am well
give my love to them both

I was suprised when maggies picture came
I did not think she give it to me
i got it all safe and sound

mathew and bill cook and richard green gat
and me got our picture taken
in barrie in one group
I have them all
I got one taken
for you as I promised you one

I want you to tell me
how Mr Doyle getting along
with william Doyle
and tell me how mary and betsy is
give my love to them both
and if you have seen Juddy lately and
if he is growing big
and all about them
if you have been there since
if mr doyle has been asking you where I was
and tell me if Eliza is at Creasors yet
if olliver and her gets along

well give her my love to

write me along letter as
soon as you get this
I have no more at preent
I remain your affectionate
brother John MCCauley

Direct your letter to

Utopia P.O Simcae


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Envelope Information


Postage gone.


[This letter evidently bounced around looking for Martha!]


UTOPIA   DE 12 70   ONT

ARKWRIGHT   DE 17 70   C.W


ARKWRIGHT   DE 16 70    C.W

OWEN SOUND    DE 1_ 70    ONT



Miss Martha McCauley
Inquire Parker Cattle
Owen Sound P.O   Ontario

[And it turned out she was in Owen Sound after all....]


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