Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 4 November 1870.
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Novemer (e) the 4 70

Dear Sister

i rite these few lines to let you know
that i got your leter

i hope you are not dissapointed at me
for not going Down
but i could not go
the roads are awfl bad
and we did not like to go

i dont think i will get down til wintr now

i was upto uncles last sunday
and we went to Sunday shool in the aftr noon
and it raind on us all the way home

i did not come home till minday after noon
cusin blyth brought me home on horseback

the roads was so bad

i have not been at mcurdys this three months

i saw lisy in the shop to day
they are all wel
they have a great protracted meeting out there
thare is 15 penitents
Dany and Saran and
Sarfraces are in the number

i did not get out are a night
the roads was to muchy

i saw uncle and aunt green up hear
they wer up seeing magy
they cald to see me

i had a leter from aunt elza

i saw robert lowry at Sunday Shool
they say he goes evry sunday

he Just spoke a few words
and tht was all
i think he is huft about some thing
but i dont care

i hear that Jony and cusin mat
is going with the machine

i think i will leave hear at chrismis
i am awfl lonsom some times

i have only been to mcurdy
twice since i came out
and you think
that i run about all the time

i have not made up my aquaintens
with any girls or boys in invermay yet
only one woman

i think long to see you and
them at home

you never told me w
how many children
you had at your place

they want you to come out hear awfl bad
this witr for a while

i think i will stop a while aftr i leav
they want me to afl bad

no at present
i remain your loving
Sistr mar A. mcauley
rite as soon as possible

dont say any thing
to mrs Andrw_

about wat
i say

give my love to mother when you see her

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OWEN SOUND    NO __ 70   ONT.



Miss Martha McAuley
Owen Sound Ont


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