Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of John McCauley, 30 October 1870.
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October th 30 1870

Dear Sister it is with pleasure
that I take up my pen
to let you know that I am well
thanking god for the same

I arrived in colling at half past 12 on monday
I worked there 1 day and a half
I then took the cars
and went down the track 23 miles
I hired with a man that has a saw mill
for a month on trial
and I think I will be here all winter
about 15 miles below Tom Setamar

I like the place well
the work is easy

I hope you are well yourself

give my love to mggie and Cassey
tell whether mary ann was home since I went away
an if Cousin Mat is gone to the narth shore
tell maggie get her likeness taken and send to me

please write to me as soon as possible

I have no more at present

I remain your dear brother

John McCauley

Direct your letter to
John McCauley UTOPIA
Post office simcae / Essay

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Envelope Information





UTOPIA    OC 31 71(??)    ONT


OWEN SOUND    NO ___ 70    ONT



Miss Martha McCauley
Owen Sound P.O
County grey ontario


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