Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 8 August 1870.
Edited Line Breaks.

-- Envelope Information at End --

right as soon as possible to me
and tell whther you will com out or not

th 8
August 1870

Dear Sister excuse me for not riting sooner
i put it of from one time to another

i hear you have left Mr adams
i hope you like your place now
i like mine
only i am lonesome for to see yous

i am well hoping you the same

we had a splended time on the first of July in tara
Mcurdies were all out
and uncle mats ones
i did not go till after noon
i came home at six

i was out on the 12 of July
i had my dinner with the arms men
i will tell you who he was some other time

i saw John tomas there
he had no body with him to dinner
Many had Mss glenn
Sarann had mr colman
there was eight ladys took dinner in tara

i was on the swing three times with the same fellow

i was out to Sams and Davids on Sunday the 30
and was back in time for church in the evning

cussin mat was hear yeste
yesterday to see me
he was up at unkles
him and Dick bass the have been travling
thiss three weeks all around
he dont now where he is going to yet
he thinks he will go to unkle mathew in the staes

i had a leter from miss black
and one from richard cook
i rote to him and sent your picture
he sent his love to you all

unkle mat is hird for a year
and he is getin 4 hundred and 30 dollars a year

thiss is a nce nice little town
there is a lot of stir hear
i wish you were here living hear
there is a place at mr neelands
there girl ran away last night
She was kind of silly
if i thought you would come out
i would speak to them
it is a very nice place

i had miss lunchard in to see me this evening
She is at mr dicks on a viset
she said mother said for me to gow down this week
that they were going to rais the barn
but i cant go
i am going down some saturday

John tomas asks for you every time he sees me

no more at present
your affectinate
sister marrann mccauley

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Envelope Information


PAID   3



INVERMAY    AU 10 70    C.W.


OWEN SOUND    AU 10 70    ONT.



Miss Martha McAuley
Owen Sound



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