Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Sarah Ann McCurdy, 15 December 1869.
Edited Line Breaks.

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Arran Decem 15 th 1869

Dear Cousin

I was very sorry that you
could not come out to the picnic
we had a pleasant day

Eliza glen came down with us
and mccaws boys came here the next day

I was so dissappointed when I came home
I was thinking all day that yous would be here
when we came home

we wer honoured by the tara brass band
and we had two very high swings and a merry goround
and and we played ball and had pleasant walks

and i was sorry that you could not engow it
it was the best one I ever was at
there was a large number of people there

we were glad to hear that you are all well
as this leave us father and mother is away
and the rest of them is at sunday school
I am all alone

we are going to spend our Christmas
at the Mcaws in brant if all is well

Dear martha I am going to tell you that
there is an old widower
coming to see Miss fento from tara
the had a wood bee on friday
and a spree at night all night

Mr Armstrong had a party aweek ago last thursday
we were at it Daniel and I
we had a nice time of it

o I forgot to tlle tell you
that John Nosey wilson is married
to Reah armstrong 3 weeks ago

Dear martha I wish you would come out this winter
you and the boys

please tell Mr John McCauley
we will be very glad to see him coming

Daniel says he might have come gfore
if he had liked

I will be very glad to see him again
before he gets married
as I suppose he will soon be
and we will be very glad to see
miss green with him

and I would like
you and Mathew could come along
but I suppose he has forgot all about us
tell him he has got to come out this winter
and then I will talk to him

Dear Martha I never read
that book you were talking about
I would like very much to read it
and so would Daniel
we will take great care of it

I think I must go to collect tomorrow
Sarah frances and I are collectors

I want you to let me know
when you can com out

and now I must close my letter
for the present

good bye Dear cousin
I send my love to you
and all inquiring friend
if there be any

and when you come
we will go to arkwright
to see the folks up ther
and to have a Sleighride
to the brick church

write Dear martha
when you get this
as quick as possible

good bye
and my
love to

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Envelope Information


No postage remains on envelope.



INVERMAY    DE 12 69    c.w.


OWEN SOUND    __________    ONT



Miss Martha McCauley
Owen Sound
P O ont
In Care Of R J Doule



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