Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Sarah Ann McCurdy, 4 October 1869.
Edited Line Breaks.

-- Envelope Information at End --

Arran October th 4, 1869.

Dear Cousin

believe me it is with pleasure I write these few lines
to let you know that we are all well at present

you were thinking I suppose
that I was not going to write anymore
but I have been so busy I could not get time

I have got another brother
he was born the 16 of september
we are going to call him Robert james
Mother is firstrate
She was up the 3 day after he was born
She was not very well the week before the baby was born
or I would have wrote to you
I wanted to give you some news

I might have wrote before this
if I had not got such sore fingers
I have had two sore fingers since I had the fillon
but the are better

Dear Martha
I saw john thomas yesterday
he was at Sabbath school
we have a Sabbath school in our school house
you would not know him
he has got a whiskre and mustache
he is well

Ester is well

louisa hendall is living in Owensound with Dr ellsworth
her ma could not put up with her
she got so saucy

Lydia fenton is not married yet
not I dont know when she will be
robert armstrong he's there now and then
but I dont know what for.
he was there yesterday

Dear Martha
I was glad to hear you were going to be baptized
for it is all for the better
I hope you will keep onso

Martha we are going to have a picnic on friday the 8 of October
we want you and John and Mathew and Eliza
to come out on thursday if you can
I would have told you sooner
but I did not know about it going to be so Soon
and if you can I would be so glad

I am going to arkwright on thursday to the show
and I am going to bring Eliza glin down with me
we will have a nice tim if it dont rain

Dear Martha I would have wrote more
but I am in a great hurry
I had to churn
I am going to invermay and tara
I want to get there in time for the stage

write as soon as you get this
and let me know a lot of news
excuse my bad writing

I forgot to tell you martha has the mumps

good bye dear Cousin for the present
my love to you and all inquiring friends
No more but I remain your c
loving cousin Sarah Ann McCurdy

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Envelope Information


Canada Postage -- Three Cents
[The word "haste" written under the stamp]



INVERMAY    OC 5 69    ____


OWEN SOUND    OC 5 69    ONT
Second completely illegible postmark?



Mifs Martha Mccauley
Owen Sound P O
In Care Of R J Doyle



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