Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Mary Ann McCauley, 17 September 1869.
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September th 17 1869

My Dear Sister
tis with pleasure that i take up my pen
to anser your leter
i am wel
hoping you the Same

i am very lasy in ansring you letters

i supose you like your place to wel to leave it
mrs kilbuirn wants you the worst way
she was going in to see you
only i told her that you said
you would not come out hear now

i have a notion to leave hear
i wish i had stayed in town
she dont want me to go out on Sundays
only to church in the evning
she is getting cros some times

i was up to see maggy since she came up hear
but she away that sunday
it is nine miles from hear
i went up to uncle mats on saturday
and stayed all night

then cussin Jimy took the horses and the waggon
and cussin maggy his sister and
went out to amggys
but she was away to a camp meeting
so we had to come back again

i was to a splended party the other night
at mrs halls Just across the rodre
fintons were all at it and
William J colter
it was splended

Sarah ann and Daniel are gone up to mcaus
and they wont be back till munday evnind

i think i will go out to Sams next Sunday
with cussin gimy if i can get away

i do wish i could see you
i was dreaming about you
i think that you are going to get maried
i hope that you are and that you will tell me
when it is going to be

i dont think that i will get to see you till winer
i long to see them at home
i hope they all wel

i had a lettr from richard cook
he sent his love to you
i did not send my picure to him yet
i gave your last to aunt bety and
Jimy sent you his
he gave me one to
miton williams takes them up in arkight
i have got uncles mats and cussin elika
they are taken to gather

i wish i knew hear Jonny is

i saw mr Doyl yesterday up hear

you never told me how mag and casy was
give my love to them when you see them
tell magy that she prmised me her liknes
i am going to giv her a good scolding when i see her

giv my lov to mther when you see her
and to them all

i dont know any more to rite
now rite soon as possible

i remain your affectionate siter
mary Ann Mcauley

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INVERMAY    SP 1_ 69   ____


OWEN SOUND    SP 1_ 69    ONT



Miss Martha McCauley
Owen Sound
PO ont



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