Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Sarah Ann McCurdy, 30 May 1869.
Edited Line Breaks.

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Miss . Martha . McCauley . Arran . May . the . 30 . 1869

Dear cousin believe me it is with great pleasure
I write these few lines to you
to let you know that I am well
and was glad to hear
that you were better of your cold

the rest of the folks are all well
but mother she has got a bad cold

Dear cousin I wish you were here
we have such good times

there was a lot of us went to fish the 24 of may
we did not fish very long
Daniel and James Coleman and Carley thompson
and Frances Dire was shooting
they chased the fish all away
oh I forgot Joney was with us and 2 other girls
we came home and played ball

Daniel and I went to the brick church last sunday night
I saw John nosey my old beau
Frank Dire came home with me
and went to fish __ ___

I was up at arkwright
and stayed all night with Eliza
Daniel came on sunday
and Eliza came home with us
and went back the next day

Jamie McCauley was here last sunday all day
he went with us at night
his father is back
but drinks as bad as ever

Mr McEaver and Amelia was here today
they are jus gone home

Cornelia and Christy is married

Jamie and I are getting along fine

Mary Livingston and two of the armstrong girls and I
are going to see miss king on saturday night

I am spinning [??] away life [??] fun

I hope you have found a beau before now
I have so many I can hardly turn my head
I will give you one if you come after it

I expect yous will be up
on the saturday before the 12 of July
Joney said he could not come
I think it all fudge

good bye dear cousin till the next
write as soon as you get this
and let me all the strange news

bye Dear

mind the farmers girls i you
I am your cousin yet Sarah A McGurdy please

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Envelope Information


Missing postage stamp upper left.



INVERMAY   ______ 69    C.W.





Miss Martha McCauley
Owen Sound
P O ont
In Care of R F Douyle


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