Genealogos : Dear Martha

Letter of Sarah Ann McCurdy, 10 March 1869.
Edited Line Breaks.

-- Envelope Information at End --

To.Miss.Martha.McCualey.Arran March th10 1869 Sat. aft

Dear cousin believe me it is with great pleasure I write these few lines
to let you know that I am well at present
hoping they will find you the same

father and Mother and brothers and sisters are All well

I got your letter on the 3 of March
Daniel was in tara and he got yours
and one from Eliza Glenn

Mr weaver had a teameetin
on the 24 of febuary in arkwright in the town hall
Daniel and I was At it

and the next sunday Mr weaver and William bond
and James Chapman and Amelia
and Eliza and Jane Glenn
came down
and brought the Melodeond to our place
and took it to meeting at six oclock

I wish you had been here to go to the teameeting with us
and saw the nice beau I had
it was Jamie Chapman
him tha sang base in the Choir
oh he is a dear little fellow
he has got a black muntoerd it
I wish you hat seen him

Daniel and Eliza glenn and I was out at Mr McCau on Saturday
and we stayed to Monday
and Eliza stayed all Night with me
and George and I went home with her on Teusday morning

I was down at aunt Susans today hooking a mat
henry came after me in the morning
and left me home in the evening
Sarahfrancis came in the afternoon
John fenton was thare all day
so you may guess we had some fun

Margret Jane and I have just got done scrubbing
it is just nine ocock
they are All in bed but her and I

McCaws boys are to be over on Saturday
and we are all going up to see Eliza on sunday evening
if nothing happens

there is going to be A social in the tounhall on the 17
and I think I will go up to stay with Eliza
from tuesday till after the social
the are going to recite a lot of pieces
Eliza Calls it the exibition

Catherine thomas and I went out
to her sisters in Tara since
and we left home to stay all night that night
we went to the singing school and to George tomas
your John was with us
and he said if we would go home with him
he would get Mr browns harness and Cutter
and take us home
so we said we would go

I saw John wilson when I was in arkwri with Eliza
he was watering his horses at the pump
I did not know him to we were past
so I was not speaking to him

lizzie livingston came in with the horse and cutter for me
but I could not go with her
she is gone down to stay at tecumseth

we went to the party at the brick house
and we had a jolly time
we stayed to five in the morning
we had A fiddler and there was great dancing
there was fifteen couple
Jamie Coalman was there
I vexed Charley thompson sorely
I had to go with my own boy Jamie
he said I had been making a fool of Charlie
and I laughed
he said o you little rascal sure you wont do that with me

I wish you were here
I would tell you more

I have not saw your boy since I got your letter
I was surprised you did not send Some word for him
I thought we have something to tell him
when I would see him

as for Charlie being vexed at you
i did not hear him say
he was ove him and Jami Andrew
one night since

I want you to tell Jonnie
I will pul his ears for him when I see him
for not Answering my letter
but till him I will forgive him
If he does it now

Jamie johnston is keeping tavern
on the gravel road between
Southampton an Owensound

Sarah A McCurdy

the folks are all well around here
only Mr John doyle he has got a bad cold

Daniel and I was up at Mr armstrong one night since
and we were up to see mary and James livingston to
I saw thomas Sthepens there to

Tom green is back from tecumseth
the little ducky darling

we have not went to the brick church since you left
it was stormy very near every Sunday since you left

I am writing you A very long letter
but I want you to do the Same

I am sorry for poor Mr farley
but it cant be helped

write as soon as you get this
and write a good long one

oh I forgot to tell you
i got a valentine in verses
oh it was such a good one

Direct your letter
to Miss Sarah A. McCurdy invermay P O
it is so far to go to tara
and the go right at invermay now

keep this in secret
good bye dear Martha

No more at present
but remains your own cousin Sarah A. McCurdy

I want you to send out the farmers girls for me
the song I mean

Sarah A McCurdy
write as soon as yo get this
to Invermay P O

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Envelope Information


3 Canada Postage 3 -- 3 Cents 3



INVERMAY    MR 15 69    ____


OWEN SOUND    MR 15 69    ONT



Miss Martha McCauley
Owen Sound
PO ont
In Care Of R J Doyle
McCurdy Miss Sarah Ann


Miss Sarah Ann McCurdy
invermay Arann

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