Tijuana gringo : antes/before : after/sigue

Friday Viernes 18 Febrero 2011 60 Winter 16 Moon 54 SpaceAge


I continue to read the MEMOIRS OF HADRIAN by Marguerite Yourcenar.

Very transporting. Takes me back to the Roman Empire.

I remember when my son was very young he once said, hey, Dad, imagine if you could take a trip through the Roman Empire.

And ever since then I have daydreamed of going to Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, to do exactly that.

But in recent years my daydreams have expanded back in time. To include the many civilizations and cultures, both known and unknown, who populated the Mediterranean zone and Europe for thousands of years before Rome rose up and conquered it all.

As far back even as the ice man who was found frozen on top of the Alps between Italy and Austria or somewhere like that.

And then forward into a more recent future, the Greeks and Etruscans, the Egyptians and Babylon, Carthage and ancient Gaul.

From Stonehenge to the Great Pyramid.


I am torn by a slight conflict of conscience, but which, the more I look at it, is nothing but my own ego vomitting all over itself.

there once was a certain administrator who got all bent out of shape because a certain moderator refused to put the sacred letters [mod] after his user name

the same administrator accused me of "waving the rules" at him when I tried to make a point about the rules

now his majesty the founder has violated the rules by admitting a new member, which only administrators may do



It is raining on the Mexican border. I hope it doesn't get too bad in Tijuana. Color blobbing supercomputer forecasts I saw on TV show a particularly heavy area of precipitation in northern Baja California tomorrow.

Tijuana gringo : antes/before : after/sigue

Daniel Charles Thomas